Features: What does Oxford Reading Club offer?

New cloud-based e-book technology

Track your reading history using any device - desktop, Android tablet or iPad. Use up to 2 devices at once!

5-Step Reading gives you 5 times the benefits

Improve all areas of learning including listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Step 1. Warm Up

A quick, fun word game activates the learner's knowledge and introduces key vocabulary.

Step 2. Listen Up

Vivid storytelling with the text hidden allows the learner to improve listening skills, with pictures to aid understanding, and prepare for reading.

Step 3. Read

Read the full text and listen to the story again in either a British or American accent. Control the audio speed and make use of the voice recording and dictionary tools.

Step 4. Speak Up

Learners listen to key sentences from the story and record their own voice to practice and compare pronunciation.

Step 5. Wrap Up

A variety of dynamic post-reading activities help consolidate learning.

Interactive activities

Titles with on-page activities feature interactive tools. Learners can complete the exercises, check their answers and retry to build their understanding and help them improve.

  • Multiple-choice quizzes
  • Gap-fill activities
  • Matching activities

Utilize the advanced e-book for smart reading

Use a variety of media including word cards, audio with adjustable speed and voice recording.

Vocabulary development

Look up Oxford Essential Dictionary definitions in the provided language.
See example sentences from other books in the library for a range of contexts.

Learners can build a list of challenging words to study.

Learning Management System

Classroom management is easy. Teachers can set up and organize classes for learners.

The LMS tracks individual student activity:

  • 5-step reading process
  • Number of books read
  • Total words read
  • Time spent reading
  • Listen to student's recordings (step 4)
  • Manage assignments
Monthly report

A printable monthly report provides a summary of each learner's reading activities

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